Enables students to limitless information in the last decade, technology has transformed the way we live, work, and communicate. The computer, internet, and mobile technology have permeated all aspects of daily life. The pace of change continues to accelerate. Students entering school in this century have access to tools unimaginable a generation ago. At SEAIS, we believe technology has become a unique part of the educational process and students need to be taught how to be responsibly and effectively use it to gather information, process it, and put it to practical use, and communicate the results. At all grade levels, we offer our students and community access to expertise and the latest equipment that will enable them to leverage technology as a tool across all areas of the curriculum. Computer literacy is a prerequisite for the present generation in their quest for knowledge and the fulfillment of their dreams.

Smart Class

The SMART CLASS has brought about a revolution in the teaching learning process. The teachers have been benefitted by helping them to effectively implement instructional strategies to help the diverse set of learners to learn better. This has benefitted the visual, auditory and the kinesthetic learner. This program has offered many strategies to all students for achieving success that will last a lifetime. The students find opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery and fun. It enables them to enhance their learning and build core skills to help them grow into responsible, contributing members of the society.


Books are Lifeline of Education at SEA, we ensure the students, understand the value of reading books. Therefore, the library is given due importance in the school’s architectural blue prints. Serious thoughts and deligent efforts have gone into making the library alluring and attractive. The library facilitates learning through their collection of reference books, allowing students full access to their subject matter digitally. Besides textbooks and reference books, our library is also well equipped with various journals and magazines. it develops true sense of practical approach in understanding the subject thoroughly.

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